About Me


My life-long love affair with food began at age 5 at my grandmother Anna’s side..gardening, canning, freezing and standing on a step-stool learning how to cook.

I’ve been passionate about the relationship between food and health since being diagnosed with a stomach ulcer at age 15 and ate for health and wellness since that time.

I majored in nutrition and dietetics at the University of Wisconsin, wanting to know even more about food and it’s interaction with healthy living.  At the time I thought I wanted to go to Medical School but after graduation went to work in public health nutrition. I was also active but didn’t get the bug to race and actually train until I bought a book and trained myself to run my first marathon in 1998, to celebrate turning age 45 and the memory of my brother. I competed in my first triathlon to celebrate turning 50 and here I am today!

I did jump out of an airplance to celebrate 51…just seemed like the thing to do! My vocation and my avocation have merged which has fueled my passion to help others achieve their goals to live the life they thought they could only dream of. BS University of Wisconsin, Nutrition & Dietetics MBA, Broad College of Business, Michigan State University CHHC, Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Purchase College, SUNY AADP

For more information about my education, please go to www.integrativenutrition.com.

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Bachelor of Science: Nutrition & Dietetics, University of Wisconsin
MBA: Michigan State University
CHC: Certified Health Coach, Institute for Integrative Nutrition
METS: Certified Metabolic Efficiency Training Specialist
USAT 1: Certified Triathlon and Multi-Sport Coach
USAT Youth & Junior: Certified Youth & Junior Triathlon Coach
USAT Certified Race Official
Training Peaks Certified Coach


Training with Kitty was very motivating and fun! Each workout was different yet very demanding! Kitty gave me lots of useful nutritional guidance and great recipes. She helped me set reasonable goals and inspired me to accomplish them. Kitty is a great personal cheerleader and an inspiration to all women! Lisa L.

I wanted to thank you for the great coaching on nutrition and hydrating for a sprint triathlon. Not only did I not get a headache afterward, I got third place in my age group!! Your recommendations were targeted, clear, and easy to follow. Awesome! Diane S

Core Values


Open, honest, consistent and confidential exchange of information between myself and my clients in a respectful and supportive environment.


Improving my services offered thru continuing education, certifications and life-long learning to assist my clients achieve their personal goals.


Truth, kindness, honesty and doing the right thing for the right reason for all my clients.


Belief in living a healthy and active lifestyle as an example of what is possible.


The joy of a client’s goal, sharing the work to achieve the goal and the celebration of the journey and the accomplishment.

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